About Us


Edwin Onah, Freelance B2B SaaS Writer

Hi, I am Edwin ..

The founder of Rarefortunes, a content marketing firm and blog that specializes in providing strategy and content marketing services to B2B & SaaS companies.

With more than three years of experience as a B2B SaaS content writer. We have helped numerous startups achieve their business objectives through content marketing services such as:

  • Blog writing,
  • E-books and
  • White Paper

At Rarefortunes, we create genuinely unique, high-quality content for my clients, which consistently yields results. We have a proven process for great content, which increases sales and user engagement.

We also give helpful tips and tricks to startups on our blog and talk about freelancing here and there.

We have a strong work ethic, which makes us reliable content providers. We work quickly and efficiently to ensure our work meets deadlines. We’re also a big advocate of communication as we ensure our clients know what’s happening all the time.