Best online jobs for students in Nigeria

Searching for best online jobs for students in Nigeria that pay well in 2022? Then you’ve landed on the right page! 

What we are about to share with you are the top online jobs suitable for students that pay well in Nigeria today and where to find them, so keep reading and start earning your first online salary!

Why Should You Care About These Jobs?

Whether you want to pay off your student loans or want some spending money, there are plenty of ways to make extra cash without having to work more than you already do! 

Read on to learn about ten different online jobs that are perfect for students in Nigeria. 

Not only do these jobs pay well, but they’re also convenient and flexible, allowing you to fit them into your busy schedule and make good money on the side. More so, plenty of these jobs can be done from the convenience and comfort of your own school or home

Let’s get started learning about these great opportunities to earn some extra cash!

Best Online Jobs For Students In Nigeria That Pay Well

Best online jobs for students in Nigeria

1) Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a great way to earn money online because you can basically work as much or as little as you want. 

It’s basically a numbers game. 

The more content you can produce, the more likely you are to get clients and make money. 

There are many freelance websites where you can advertise your services such as PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer but I recommend creating your own website so people can find you easier. 

Create a portfolio of your work that shows all of your skills so when people contact you with projects; they will be able to hire who they believe is best for them. 

Building relationships with others who do freelance work will help grow your business by asking each other for clients. You can also reach out to local businesses directly. 

If you have an interest in writing, there are ways to build up a portfolio quickly and easily through blogging on WordPress or Tumblr. 

You could even start a podcast about freelancing if you feel confident enough!

But freelance writing can also be very fulfilling if you love putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and are good at communicating information clearly—in other words, if you know how to write well.  

Always put your best foot forward when submitting work!

2) Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is one of today’s most exciting fields to break into. Not only is it huge, but it also offers plenty of opportunity and pays well, with some developers making over $100 per hour. 

If you can write code and have an eye for design (or even if you don’t), it’s worth giving a shot—you never know where your skills could take you. 

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Whether you choose Android or iOS as your platform, it’s important to learn basic coding languages like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript; build simple apps; and think about marketability from day one. 

After all, there are millions of mobile users out there just waiting for your next big idea. It’s time to get started!

Owing to this being a booming industry,this is one of the best online jobs for students in Nigeria and if you’re well-versed in coding and can come up with a solid idea, you could easily find yourself cashing in. 

And because there are always new apps being created or revamped, finding something that’s truly marketable isn’t as hard as it may seem. 

You can hire out your programming services through many freelancing sites like Upwork or Freelancer to get started building an active income stream. 

3) Web Designing

In Nigeria, it is not hard to find online jobs for students, most of which can be done remotely and take very little time. 

Whether you have a degree or are currently studying, there are many options available that do not require you to work from an office and can still earn you money. 

One of those jobs is web designing, a highly in-demand position due to the fact that more businesses than ever before are moving their operations online. 

If you’re proficient with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and dream of one day starting your own business. Building personal sites or even blogging full-time, creating a free portfolio website can be a great place to start! 

Just make sure you avoid these beginner mistakes when first starting out. 

4) Data Entry

One of today’s most accessible online jobs for students in Nigeria that pay well is data entry. Due to advances in technology, you can now work from home and perform data entry tasks that are often used by larger companies. 

Data entry gigs usually involve transcribing files or taking information from one document and typing it into another document or spreadsheet. 

It may require basic office equipment familiarity, and some online operators will be asked to add material such as graphics or links. 

As your skills increase, you can apply for other positions such as customer service agent, telemarketers, receptionists and more. 

You can usually work as much or as little as you want, depending on what you’ve agreed upon with your employer. 

If you want more freedom, look for opportunities where there aren’t as many strings attached—like editing or proofreading. 

These tend to pay better and allow for more creativity than transcription gigs. 

Additionally, some sites like Upwork offer opportunities specifically tailored toward students looking for work; however, keep in mind that these types of assignments may require additional credentials and certifications depending on your chosen field.

5) Digital Marketing

For those students who have a working knowledge of a certain subject such as SEO, SEM, Content Marketing Etc and are looking to leverage that expertise into a side hustle, digital marketing might be just what you’re looking for and one of the best online jobs for you

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There are countless ways to market online; whether you go at it alone or hire an agency, you can choose from paid online advertising, content writing, and link building. You could also create your own products—such as an ebook or course—and sell them online. 

You’ll need some funding if you plan to start your own business online, but compared with other options like opening a retail location or renting a shopping space, starting an online business takes much less capital. 

6) Translator

Working as a translator involves getting paid to translate documents and articles from one language to another. This means that you’ll not only be doing something useful but you could also potentially get paid pretty well if there is a shortage of translators in your field. 

It’s important to remember that, as with any job on a list like this, it’s essential that you can do it well; otherwise, what will be your reputation and how much work will you actually get? 

No one wants shoddy work when there are people out there willing to do good work at cheap prices! So make sure you have an excellent grasp of both languages involved before embarking on a career as a translator.

Nowadays, you don’t have to be fluent in every language, just a few. And there are plenty of opportunities to do freelance work from home as a translator. 

Working from home makes it easy to take on small jobs that pay per word or hour-long projects that may even land you permanent gigs. 

Make sure you read up on translation tools and skillset so that you can accurately convey your message while charging per word. 

Skilled translators often earn between $2-$5 per word with full-time employment. Freelance platforms like Upwork allow you to set your own rates based on experience and skill level. 

Translating is a great way to make money online in 2022 as a student in Nigeria

7) Graphic designer

Graphic designers create visual concepts, such as corporate logos, that represent a company’s image and values. 

They design printed materials and advertisements and give advice on color choices. 

You don’t need to be a master artist to land an online job as a graphic designer. 

Design companies are often looking for part-time designers who can work on their projects from anywhere in a virtual environment, and many freelance sites like Upwork will connect you with potential employers. 

You’ll typically be paid by the hour and may also get reimbursed expenses or earnings based on how your designs are received.

These can be lucrative positions, but only if you have a talent for design and experience selling design services. 

For example, you might earn $10 per hour for designing brochures that sell for $1 each. It’s not a lot of money upfront, but it could add up quickly if you’re working hard at it. 

Plus, there are usually bonuses involved—so being able to sell yourself well is important.

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The main downside here is that because these jobs are so easily accessible and easy to fill, they tend to pay less than other online jobs that require more skill and expertise. 

For example, our top recommended website offering such jobs pays $8 per hour—not great compared with what most of our other recommendations payout (about $15-$20 per hour). But hey—it’s still something!

8) Researcher and Data Collector

Researching online allows students to gain access to industry experts, insights into trending topics, and unique content that might not be available elsewhere. 

In fact, it helps sharpen analytical skills while offering valuable knowledge about what people want and why they want it. 

The career opportunity can also lead people toward other positions within companies that manage their product research or store results for future use. 

This can be an interesting and rewarding field if you are a bit geeky. The future of research lies in big data and it’s your job to sift through information and compile it into an actionable format. 

Besides earning money, most companies pay handsomely if you present or publish your work. In fact, some offer scholarships for candidates who put out exceptional research. 

You can also earn by doing surveys and testing products. All these add up to make a decent amount of money as a student. 

For those interested, organizations like MindSumo offer online jobs as researchers and data collectors, which might help you earn some extra cash.

These occupations won’t make you rich overnight, but they’re a fantastic place to start if you want to work in product research or other sectors where research is important.

As far as pay goes, most of these types of opportunities offer hourly wages between $10-$20/hour supposing you’re working on a freelance base.

9) Customer Service

This is a highly demanded Job these days and one of the best online jobs for students in Nigeria

Businesses need customer service representatives to handle and resolve complaints, repair problems, and keep customers happy. 

This is also an opportunity to improve communication skills while learning business practices. 

As businesses keep increasing. Lots of openings out there looking for individuals to work for their customer support departments. So there is no scarcity of this kind of job

Visit places like LinkedIn and hot job blogs and browse for opportunities like this to apply.

10) Become a Social Media Manager.

This is one of the hottest online jobs today and even perfect students. 

The social media industry is exploding each passing day resulting in celebrities, influencers and business people taking advantage of the platforms to grow their brand.

Consequently,if you have social media management skills, you will make good money from the comfort of your home managing accounts and pages for people.

Best of all, this is one of the best online jobs for students in Nigeria that offer you the privilege to relate with top personalities in different industries


As we’ve seen, there are plenty of online jobs out there that you can do while you’re in school that don’t interfere with your studies or your social life. 

If you aren’t sure how to approach the idea of working from home, though, this list of the best online jobs for students in Nigeria that pay well in 2022 should help get you started on the right path!


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