Subject Matter Experts for B2B SaaS Content marketing

If you’re a B2B SaaS Business owner, I suppose you have understood the power of content marketing and what it has to do with scaling your business

So here is an intelligent guess…

In your company, you either have in-house writers, freelance writers, or a content writing agency handling your content writing

Now there’s nothing wrong with any of these. Matter of fact, they are the only available options in creating content for your business.

But here is the problem….

These writers could be the best in the writing business….but they are just who they are, writers! and not Subject Matter Experts

Yes, a writer may have satisfactory knowledge about your industry through deep research and years of writing experience but he/she doesn’t still qualify as an SME in your industry

And to stand out from your competitors, and build trust and authority in your industry. You have to dish out content that solidifies this trust and credibility

But how?

Through leveraging Subject Matter Experts in your content strategy

Now see this…

If you’re a B2B SaaS Company or running content marketing for a B2B brand. 

You could create excellent content on a particular topic but when the targeted audience read it…They can easily see through it that it was not written by an expert on the subject matter 

How so?

Well, the content would lack fresh insights, ideas, and opinions that will give your content uniqueness and credibility– as it will pretty much look like everyday content out there on the topic

But leveraging SMEs on your content will help you not just inform your readers but inspire, motivate and transform their life and business complete with a unique point of views

Have no idea how to get started leveraging Subject Matter Experts in your B2B SaaS Content Marketing strategy?

Stick with me

By the end of this post, you will learn 

  • Who a subject matter expert is
  • Difference between an SME and a Writer
  • Benefits of collaborating with Subject Matter Experts for your B2B SaaS Content
  • Where to find these SMEs

What Is A Subject Matter Expert’s Content?

Before we talk about what subject matter experts’ content is, it’s pertinent to understand who a subject matter expert is.

So Who Is a Subject Matter Expert?

As you may have guessed…

A subject matter expert (SME) is someone who has extensive knowledge and years of experience in a given field. They are often experts in their specific industry or topic. 

They’re the ones in the field who get their hands dirty on the real job in the industry. They understand all there is to a subject as they have practical real-life experiences with it— And content insights from these guys are called SME content

This is because their  knowledge is not one borne out of consuming written content, audio, or videos of others but ACTUALLY doing the real work.

For example….

Say you are running a SaaS business in the hospitality niche. An SME in this case is someone who has been in the hospitality business for years with solid experience and in-depth knowledge of the subject of hospitality….

He understands the ins and out of the business. The challenges a new business can face, the hazards of the business, what moves the needle in the business…

Has made lots of mistakes and taken lessons and have a lot of personal stories from personal experiences to tell

Here’s another clear example….

You teach how to make money online (that you’re in the MMO niche). In your YouTube channel, you talk about different ways of making money online such as freelance writing, media buying, dropshipping, etc

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Once in a while, you can invite an expert freelance writer ( perhaps, one who has been in Freelance writing for 10 years and doing over six figures annually) to share insights with your viewers and fans and maybe give answers to some pain points questions from you subscribers

One thing is certain here

There will be fresh insights and value your audience will get from the exercise and this will grow your trust in them more…

You may have seen a lot of YouTubers and bloggers do this, interview experts once in a while…

So you see…

The idea of a subject matter expert is hardly something new…

But here you will learn why it’s so important for B2B SaaS Businesses and why leveraging on it now shouldn’t be something to debate about.

Because of this, an SME is considered credible and trustworthy and their fresh insights are always sought after. Hence leveraging them in your content as a B2B SaaS business will do your business a whole lot of good.

Is a Subject Matter Expert Different From a Writer?

Most B2B SaaS Businesses often make the mistake of thinking of a writer as an SME, thereby expecting the writer to do and know what an SME knows

But here is the truth…

I could be a great writer but not an expert in a particular subject or industry. 

For example, I have written a couple of blog posts in food and productivity niches that the clients really liked.

But does this make me an SME in these subjects?

Definitely, No!!!!

But by virtue of being a writer…I could carry out extensive and excellent research and come up with great content.

On the other hand, an SME doesn’t need to carry out extensive research–reading up plenty of content on his field to answer both simple and complex questions within the niche.

It’s something he has been practically involved with for years and has understood deeply

Now here is the deal…

Most times, SMEs do not have the skills to put down their knowledge and insights in an articulate manner that the target audience will grasp. 

Hence the need to work with writers who have, in their own world, mastered the art and science of the written word. Who knows how to communicate even the most complicated of concepts in engaging, persuasive, and simple ways

So back to answering the main question…

An SME could after years of experience learn the skill of writing and become a writer but ideally– A writer isn’t an SME

B2B SaaS Industry is huge and so… if you’re a writer in this space, do not claim the position of an SME, rather collaborate with SMEs and come up with stellar content

Also as a B2B SaaS founder…do not assume your writer is an SME. He’s a writer 

3 Benefits of Leveraging Subject Matter Experts For B2B SaaS Businesses

If you have read to this point then I am sure you have seen a couple of reasons why you should leverage Subject Matter Experts For B2B SaaS Content marketing

But for clarity and organizational sake…here are some top benefits of using subject matter experts for B2B SaaS Content marketing

1) Build Credibility For Your Business

Above every marketing goal, you can get your audience to believe in you. You have achieved one thing that will keep your booming in the midst of stiff competition

One way of getting this is by infusing experts’ knowledge and insights into your content

Because let’s face it.

The B2B industry is a bit tricky compared to the B2C space. They’re far more diplomatic, discerning for the lack of a better word.

They want to be sure they’re consuming content from a credible source as taking chances is not an option at all

If you lack expertise in a particular topic you are writing about, there will definitely be gaps…and your readers will know.

They’ll see through it and begin to have doubts about your services, brand, or solution. And if this starts, you will begin to lose out prospects

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But leveraging experts in your niche on certain topics in your B2B content marketing strategy will help you build credibility in the eyes of your existing and potential clients.

2) Create Contents That Stands Out

Most people think b2b content is boring…

There is an element of truth in this when you read some of the B2B contents, especially in the SaaS space

The reasons for this are simple…

Most of this content lacks the knowledge and insights of experts

Most are just some content spun and re-written with industry jargon

But if you want to stand out and cut through the noise with your SaaS brand. Sprinkling insights from SMEs in your content will give you an edge

Your readers will love the fresh perspective or POVs in your content and so will search Engines favor you too if organic marketing is part of your program

3)  Increase Sales

Finally, this content can help to increase sales

Because let’s face it

When you have built trust and credibility in the eyes of your readers. They’re more likely to turn to you when they are ready to make a purchase

You know that kind of confidence you have working with someone who you see as an authority and a go-to source? It’s the same feeling that you create in the mind of your readers when you start leveraging Subject Matter Experts For your B2B SaaS Content

How To Find SMEs For B2B SaaS Businesses

At this point, It’s very clear who Subject Matter Experts are and why you should leverage them in your B2B content marketing strategy

Now the big question you might be having is…

How do I find them?

You see, the truth is…

It can be daunting thinking about the whole idea of finding an SME who can have the time to collaborate and share their thoughts on the subject matter you want to talk about 

But don’t worry

This is easier than you think plus I will show you where to go and find them

Now, one amazing thing is…

Most times, these experts also want to collaborate and get their expertise out to people 

This then invalidates most fears you may have about their time 

So here are a couple of platforms where you can find these SMEs no matter your industry

1) HARO (Help A Reporter Out)

HARO Subject Matter Experts for B2B SaaS Content

Although originally established for journalists, it is now being used by reporters, bloggers, influencers, and many others looking to connect with expert sources.

It’s basically a platform where journalists can ask for help getting information on a particular topic. It offers a unique opportunity for writers and experts to work together on a win-win situation.

So as a writer looking to leverage Subject Matter Experts For B2B SaaS Content marketing. This is a great platform to connect with as many experts as you want

You merely head over to the platform, sign up, and get started 

Click here to learn more about how the Haro platform works

2) Help a B2B Writer

Subject Matter Experts for B2B SaaS Content marketing

Just like Haro, you can find tons of experts on this platform that can provide in-depth answers to your questions

Only Caveat?

The platform, unlike HARO, is dedicated to just the B2B industry.

So if you’re in the B2B industry as I suppose you’re. It’s a wonderful place for you and the process is pretty simple

You create an account, submit a request, and when it’s approved. You sit back and wait for the expert’s inputs

Want to learn more about how Help a B2B Writer works? Check this


With the power of social media in modern times. Social platforms are also great places to leverage when looking for SMEs. One of the best among them is LinkedIn

Also, you can find them in targeted Facebook groups, Twitter, YouTube, and even on slack communities

How To Work With Or Use SMEs In Your Content Marketing Strategy

Now that you know where and how to get an SME onboard your B2B SaaS Content marketing exercise. You don’t want to blow it all out

So here are a couple of things you need to do to make the most of SMEs in your content marketing

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1) Build the right relationship

Here is a fact…

In business, building  great relationships with both customers, team members and partners is very important

This is no exception when engaging with an SME in your content creation exercise

The reason is simple…

When I have a good rapport and relationship with you. I am more likely to feel relaxed and share things with you

Now talking about an SME, having a solid relationship with one already onboard opens more doors than you can imagine

Aside from being more willing to contribute to your piece, you could through him or get In touch with other SMEs in your niche that can add more POVs to your piece and the end result will be mind-blowing

So in all your building, build a solid relationship and gain long-term value from SMEs in your niche

With great rapport, you can even ask them to share the content with their own audience when it goes live.

This undoubtedly brings you more visibility and lots of exposure too

2) Ask goal-driven questions

If you have gone through the rather long hurdles of getting SMEs on board for your content creation. You want to make the most of the opportunity by asking relevant, specific, and goal-driven questions

Because let’s face it…

An SME can provide as much as answers as you have asked

When you ask targeted and specific questions. You get very tailored and in-depth answers that will satisfy you completely

But with generic questions?…well your guess is as good as min

So when engaging them, make it easy for them to provide you with maximum value. 

Best way to go about this?

Make every possible background research about the subject matter. This will inform your conversation and the direction it will go

3) State The Benefits From The Start

While it seems like you’re the only one gaining value from an SME, It’s important you understand that these SMEs can get a whole lot of benefits from you

So you should make it clear from the very beginning what’s in for them

But what can a Subject Matter Expert get from a writer when he’s the one dishing out all the insights about his knowledge, experiences, and expertise?

A probable question that you might ask

Well, the truth is….

Most of these people are also building their brands. 

This means one thing

They need to create brand awareness, get quality backlinks to their sites, and great mentions in established platforms

So when you make it clear what they will get from the collaboration. It will no longer be a one-sided value thing for them

End result?

They will be all out to share all they have got on the subject matter

Pro Tip

If you’re like most B2B SaaS companies, you likely have experts on your team who possess a significant amount of domain knowledge.

But sometimes it can be difficult to get your SMEs to write on a consistent basis. One way to help them develop content is by offering them incentives.

That can be in the form of recognition, promotion, or even monetary compensation.

Another way you can get your SMEs to produce content is through gamification. If you’re not familiar with gamification, it’s basically giving your employees rewards for completing certain tasks.

For example…

You could have a leaderboard, like a Fantasy Football league where the person with the most frequent insights wins a prize.

This can be accomplished by installing a social media scheduling plugin on your company’s blog, which allows you to create a leaderboard and easily schedule posts.

Wrapping Up

As a B2B SaaS business, you are in the business of providing a solution to a problem that your customers face.

In order to make sure that you can provide that solution in the most effective way possible, it makes sense to tap into the knowledge and experience of Subject Matter Experts that have already solved that problem.

So when you’re looking to grow your business and build a strong brand, getting great content marketing is important.

But, how?

Aside from using Product-led content and pain points content

Another great way you can go about it is by getting help from a SaaS industry expert. When you have a SaaS industry expert, you can have that person provide insight and help with creating content for your business.

This will help you make more progress in building your brand and growing your business.

We hope that this blog post helped you find some new ways to leverage the knowledge of Subject Matter Experts for B2B SaaS content marketing efforts.


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