videography business in Nigeria

Videography business in Nigeria is on the rise, and many Nigerians are now turning to it as their source of income. 

While starting your own videography business in Nigeria can be quite lucrative, it’s also important to have the right knowledge when it comes to making your business profitable and sustainable over time. 

What equipment do you need? 

Where can you find clients? 

How much should you charge? 

What should your business structure look like? 

In this article, we break down all the steps you need to take to start and run a profitable videography business in Nigeria and make your dreams of being a successful videographer come true

From choosing the right equipment to marketing your brand and finding clients, here’s everything you need to know about starting a successful videography business in Nigeria.

Videography Business In Nigeria ( Overview)

Videography Business In Nigeria

Nigeria is a country known for its amazing cultural traditions and festivals! 

There’s a lot to see in Nigeria and with its vast geographical diversity, you can bet that wherever you are in Nigeria, there will be exciting things to photograph. 

So if you are looking to start a profitable business? Then why not consider starting a videography business? 

Although not a very low cost business idea but can be done by any well meaning individual women looking for business ideas for ladies in Nigeria

A videography business is an exciting new way to make money but it also requires hard work and perseverance as well as creativity. 

Before we delve into how to start a profitable videography business in Nigeria, let’s first take a closer look at what makes videography so special.

What is Videography?

First off, what exactly is video recording? 

The answers to these questions depend on your definition of photography and videography. 

If you think of photography as being strictly limited to taking pictures using a camera, then yes—video recording is different from photography. 

However, if you think of photography more broadly as capturing images using any device or technique (such as using your smartphone), then video recording becomes just another form of photography. 

Now that you know what video recording is, it’s time to learn how to start a profitable videography business in Nigeria.

Equipment Required For Videography Business In Nigeria

Videography Business In Nigeria

This is an area where investing more can pay off big time. Do your research ahead of time to get an idea of what equipment you’ll need and how much it’ll cost. 

You may want to set up a small studio or designate an area in your home that serves as your office for storing extra equipment (you don’t want to be running out to buy supplies each time you film). 

Here are some of the things you will need to start your own profitable videography business in Nigeria. Make sure you have got all of these before you start. 

Video cameras, external microphones, lights, tripods, editing software (such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere), memory cards and batteries, other accessories depending on your camera type such as microphones, etc., case or bag for carrying your equipment, external hard drive and cables to transfer data from your camera to computer. 

Also, having business cards is essential to creating a professional brand for your Videography Business. You can order some or all of these equipment from great online market places such as Amazon or Nigerian’s own sites such as Jumia or Konga

The Best Types of Jobs for Beginners

Videography Business In Nigeria

Choosing to start your own videography business can be a great move if you are just starting out because it is one of those jobs that doesn’t require years of training and practice ( but surely requires training and practice). Lol

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As long as you have a good camera (and some experience with how to use it), there is very little else you need. However, if you are looking for your first job as someone who takes videos, it’s important to understand what types of places might be best for beginning work. 

There are many different opportunities out there, but some work better than others. 

In every industry, there are entry-level jobs that help you get your foot in the door and gain valuable experience. 

In Nigeria, where small businesses are booming, videography is no exception. 

Even if you’re starting out alone, or as part of a small team, here are some great first jobs to help you make money while honing your craft and growing into an established businessperson. 

Wedding Film Crews 

Wedding videography has skyrocketed worldwide over recent years and it shows no signs of slowing down—or even topping out—any time soon. 

The biggest reason for its meteoric rise? 

Couples want their special day captured by those who know what they’re doing and can deliver high-quality work on a budget. 

So, how do you get started? 

There are two main routes to take when getting started with wedding videography in Nigeria: 

  • Find clients yourself (the most difficult route) 
  • Hire on with a pre-existing crew (the easiest route) 

If you choose option one, start by building up your portfolio by shooting local events like birthdays and anniversaries. 

Once you have enough footage under your belt, create a website or social media page and start marketing yourself online. 

It may take months before anyone notices but eventually, word will spread about your work and people will start contacting you directly.

On a similar note, find out if any upcoming weddings might need a videographer. 

Many times couples already have someone in mind and aren’t willing to consider alternatives; however, some are more open-minded than others so try offering them an alternative solution such as offering free second shooter services. 

You’ll likely be turned down many times but don’t give up because success comes from trying new things and following through on them until something sticks. 

Lastly, ask around at local churches if they’re aware of any upcoming weddings that might need extra hands or equipment rental services. 

Some places will rent equipment from you directly which can lead to future business opportunities if you do good work!

So if you want to get started making videos for small businesses and individuals, becoming a freelance videographer may be your best bet. 

Most people today don’t really care about using professional filmmakers; instead, they would rather find individuals who may not even have extensive training but offer affordable rates.

What You Must Know Before Launching a Videography Business In Nigeria

Videography Business In Nigeria

There are tons of different jobs available for people who want to start a business in Nigeria. 

When deciding what type of job you want to pursue, you should keep two things in mind. 

First, think about how much capital and time you’re willing to spend on your new career.

Second, consider how passionate you are about your choice of career. 

In Nigeria, as with most places, it’s important to follow your passion if you want to be truly successful at what you do. This doesn’t mean that being passionate is enough; there’s nothing wrong with choosing a more traditional career path if that fits well with your lifestyle and skill set. 

If you decide to go into videography, you’ll have plenty of opportunities. 

Video production has become increasingly popular over recent years, which means videographers are always needed for events like weddings and corporate gatherings. 

As long as these kinds of events are happening in Nigeria (and they will), there will always be work for videographers.

You don’t need any formal training or experience before getting started either—just make sure you get some good equipment and practice shooting before trying to sell yourself as a professional videographer! 

If your videos turn out great, word will spread quickly and it won’t take long before people know that they can trust you with their special events.

Establishing Your Brand Online

Videography Business In Nigeria

Developing a strong brand image is one of the most important steps when starting your own business. 

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Your brand will be responsible for communicating your value and strengths to potential clients, as well as establishing your authority within your industry. 

To that end, you need to establish consistency across all of your branding elements. 

This means developing logos and taglines, setting up an easy-to-navigate website with contact information(if you have one), and researching popular techniques for marketing through social media (very important). 

Once you’ve done all that, it’s time to start making some videos! 

And while these videos are essential tools for getting people interested in working with you, it can be tricky knowing where to start. 

In order to help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of five tips that will help you develop your videography business in Nigeria. 

Monetizing Your Videography Business In Nigeria

Videography Business In Nigeria

When you’re starting out as a videographer, it can be hard to figure out how to make money. 

After all, what kind of business is just providing footage and photographs? 

How do you even go about setting prices? If you want to start your own videography business, here are some things you need to consider if you want to create a profitable company. 

First, though, think about why someone would hire your services over someone else’s. 

What sets your videos apart from anyone else’s? 

Why should they use your services instead of anyone else’s?

Regardless of what kind of niche or video content you’re creating, you should always be thinking about how to monetize it. 

What are some different ways to turn videos into revenue streams? 

How can you leverage your brand identity and social following for financial gain? 

While answers to these questions vary depending on what type of video content you’re producing, there are many methods that remain consistent across all types of businesses. 

You may even have multiple sources of income at once! 

  • Charging your clients
  • Producing contents for social media and YouTube
  • Renting out your equipment
  • Training upcoming videographers

This is especially important when starting out. 

Try to find as many ways as possible to monetize your business, but don’t get too caught up in trying to maximize profit right away. 

Start small and grow organically. You can always add more sources of income later on!

The monetization of video content is one of today’s hottest digital marketing topics. 

This is what makes our profession an exciting career opportunity for Nigerians and why there is much buzz about video content monetization on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram. 

How To Go About Setting Your Pricing and Getting Paid

Setting your pricing strategy can be tricky. If you set it too high, you could scare potential clients away. On the other hand, setting it too low might not cover all of your costs and expenses. 

The most accurate way to do this is:

  • Think about how much time you’ll spend on each project and what your hourly rate is (including any equipment). 
  • Then figure out how many hours per day or week that would take. 
  • Use that number to calculate your hourly rate, as well as how many days it will take for you to get paid at that rate.
  • Then consider whether or not that matches up with what you want to charge for projects and where to fall within competitive pricing ranges. 

The second and easiest way to go about it as a beginner is to find out what others are charging for similar jobs while putting into consideration their experience and reputation in the business.

From that, you could easily come up with a good rate for your clients while you grow in the business. This why collaboration and connection are important in business

Remember, if you don’t price yourself correctly from the start, you won’t have a chance to change it later. 

So, make sure you do your research and base your pricing on what’s fair for both parties. It’s always better to underprice than overprice. 

While everyone loves a bargain, there are times when overpricing is actually worth it! 

For example, you’ll typically pay more for luxury items because they’re perceived as being higher quality—and therefore worth paying more for—than similar products at lower price points. 

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In reality, though, those luxury goods are (sometimes) made using cheaper materials than their cheaper counterparts (even though they’re sometimes packaged nicer), so even though you’re paying more upfront, it may end up costing less overall due to its longevity or extra features/options.

6 Sure Tips To Launching A Successful Videography Business In Nigeria

Videography Business In Nigeria

Today, many people are getting into the video production business, yet they do not know what they should do to ensure they stay successful. 

In any case, if you have decided to start up your own videography business then here are some tips that you should use to ensure your success.

1) Proper Planning 

It is important that you do proper planning before you start up your videography business. It is not good to just start shooting and selling videos without proper planning. 

Plan for sales, income, and profit targets and work on achieving them daily. Ensure that your revenue sources are adequate for income generation by checking out video editor market demand. 

2) Branding 

It is very important to develop an online platform to showcase your company’s profile with information about who you are, what you do, why people should buy from you, etc.

As you grow as a businessperson, your brand becomes more memorable and easier to identify in people’s minds especially when there are several video editing companies with the same services competing for attention online. 

It must not be a website, you can start with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok

3) Selecting a Niche 

When starting up your own business, it is important to select a niche or specific target audience. A niche helps you focus on what you do best while targeting people who have similar interests and problems. 

Don’t try to do everything. For example, you can focus on filming events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. 

You can also focus on just shooting 

commercials and ads for small business owners. 

And with the emergence of online skit makers, you can just focus on that.

Don’t just be everywhere especially if you are starting out.

4) Location 

Location plays an important role in every business so it is also vital when starting a new business venture such as starting up a videography business in Nigeria. You take great care in deciding a good location for the business

Although you can market yourself online and travel to different states to offer your services, staying in a good location helps a lot as you can be the number one go-to videographer around your area

5) Research 

Research is key to success in any business because it will help you determine if your idea can be successful.

If you want to start a videography business in Nigeria, research different equipment available for sale and learn how they work.

Also, learn from research and learn from experienced videographers to up your game and improve your quality.

 6) Marketing 

Marketing is crucial to growing any business so make sure that you invest time into learning how marketing works and how you can use marketing tools effectively to promote your Videography Business In Nigeria. 

You’re not the only one doing the business after

Is videography business profitable?

The short and direct answer to this is YES. The Videography Business In Nigeria is very profitable. However, you need to know your market and how much it’s willing to pay for these services. 

If you live in an area with lots of affluent people who love sharing their moments on social media, there’s a pretty good chance you can find success. You also need to know your competition. 

Can they shoot videos just as well as you? 

Are they cheaper than you? 

How can you make yourself unique in an industry full of experts? 

There are lots of questions like these that all videographers should ask themselves before starting up, so don’t jump right into it without doing some research first!


Videography has become a million-dollar industry in Nigeria, but it’s still not easy to get started as an independent videographer. 

If you are already a professional photographer or someone who has some knowledge about videography, it shouldn’t be hard to get started, find clients and earn money.

However if you are new to any of these areas; you need not worry because there are opportunities as well as people who will help you. 

And rich resource as this one here to get you started into profitable videography business in Nigeria

I sincerely hope you enjoyed every bit of this post

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