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Top 10 Best Digital Skills To Learn In Nigeria 2022

Are you looking for the best digital skills to learn in Nigeria today?

In Nigeria, access to the internet and technology is growing rapidly every year, and it’s no secret that developing your digital skills can open up many career opportunities. But with so many digital skills available to learn in Nigeria, where do you start?

If you’re looking to improve your digital skillset, or if you’re simply wondering what digital skills are the most important to learn in Nigeria right now, here are the top 10 best digital skills to learn in Nigeria today.

Best digital skills to learn in Nigeria

What are Digital Skills?

Digital skill is a special talent or ability that is useful and relevant for carrying out a profession or other activity.

More technically Digital skills, or cyber skills as they are often called, are all those soft and hard technical abilities that help you function well in a digital world.

These might include everything from how to use email; troubleshoot issues with your laptop; use a smartphone effectively, among other things.

There is no one digital skill because all these are connected.

The most common digital skills are computer and internet skills, but others include social media skills, design, and marketing skills.

Having good digital skills has become an important part of everyday life as so much work and entertainment now takes place online.

One thing you can be sure of is that there will always be demand for talented people who can take on these roles, whether it’s working from home as a freelancer or selling your services to large corporations.

All these skills are important in preparing you for a digital workplace.

Why learn digital skills?

Digital skills are a must-have in today’s world, regardless of what career you choose. Job growth will continue to be affected by digital advances over the next several years, and people with digital skills will have more flexibility and mobility than those without.

Digital skills can make all kinds of work more interesting—as well as help you connect with others who are into tech stuff.

Some of these skills may sound daunting but with a little patience and effort, anyone can learn them.

A job market that favors candidates with digital skills can open up new options for your career. And having these skills is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd

If you already have a job but don’t currently possess some of these skills, it might be worth learning them on your own time so you can better contribute at work and avoid becoming obsolete.

Keep up with local trends as well—which are generally less formalized than global ones—so you know what jobs may soon be available within your community or industry.

What Is Digital Skill Course?

Digital skill courses are online courses that teach digital skills and entrepreneurship.
They can be a valuable asset to any job seeker looking for more flexibility in their career path.

These digital skill courses can improve your job prospects by making you an ideal candidate for new opportunities, while they also teach you valuable life skills that can be applied elsewhere if you decide to switch careers or jobs later on.

The world is embracing technology, so brush up on these top ten digital skills today!

However, before your dive headfirst into a digital skill course, decide which of your current skills you want to develop further and then identify which areas of your life you want to improve.

For example, if you have basic website-building skills but are stuck at a job you hate, consider taking some coding courses on the side that could turn into a freelance business.

If you’re just looking for ways to connect with people online who share your interests or get more traffic on your site, many organizations offer free classes through their websites.

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A quick Google search will help uncover any local organizations offering digital skills courses that could benefit you.

Here in Nigeria, there are online platforms such as Daba school, Andela, etc

Which Digital Skills Should I Learn?

What digital skills are essential for your career? This is an important question.

The digital landscape is changing faster than ever, so how do you keep up with tech and stay ahead of everyone else?

Another important factor you must consider is your strength and what you have a penchant for.

This is why we have this list of the top 10 best digital skills to learn in Nigeria for you to choose which aligns with you the most

However, it’s important that as a Nigerian entrepreneur, you possess as many skills as possible. It not only shows a wide variety of potential employers but gives you more leeway when it comes to salary negotiation.

However, while being diverse may give you an edge, you don’t want your knowledge base or skill set to be so vast that it distracts from what you are great at doing.

Best Digital Skills To Learn In Nigeria In 2022

1) Website Building

Web development is one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing sectors, but it’s also one of its most lucrative hence it’s one of the best digital skills to learn in Nigeria

According to a survey carried out by a global web development firm, Nigeria is currently home to more web developers than any other country in Africa. It isn’t hard to see why either.

According to

“There were 109.2 million internet users in Nigeria in January 2022.

Nigeria’s internet penetration rate stood at 51.0 percent of the total population at the start of 2022.

Kepios analysis indicates that internet users in Nigeria increased by 4.8 million (+4.6 percent) between 2021 and 2022.”

Moreso, there are at least 4 million Nigerian businesses using their website to grow their business online.

That has translated into big business for local web developers who charge between NGN 30,000 to 300,000 per site launched depending on what features are included such as database integration, secure credit card transactions etc.

2) Data Analysis

Learning to be a data analyst is an important skill to have in your repertoire.

With so much data available, it’s a challenging time to be a marketer. The rise of big data has made it more difficult to figure out what your customers want.

So one of the top digital skills to learn in Nigeria is being able to analyze information and turn that data into actionable insights for your business.

It’s one of those skills that, in today’s day and age, can be applied to nearly any industry or subject matter.

From creating better medical devices to tracking product inventory for increased business efficiency, data analysis is a skill that helps connect businesses and consumers across industries with valuable information about themselves.

Businesses hire data analysts to collect and parse information from different sources like call logs or service requests, so it’s helpful for you as a student or worker in Nigeria to learn how to find answers from information like these.

This is why these days, most social media analytics tools provide their own set of advanced reporting features that you can use in addition to external sources, such as Google Analytics.

3) Digital Marketing

Best digital skills to learn in Nigeria

One of those top digital skills to learn in Nigeria is Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing incorporates SEO and SEM which are both tools that help improve a website’s rankings and traffic, respectively.

Knowing how to promote products on social media or through digital ads will prove incredibly useful for anyone looking to make a living online or at least gain some extra income from your own website.

Not only does learning about these online marketing tactics allow you to use them for yourself, but it can also be a great way to start a side business and help others with their own online marketing.

Digital marketing is an extension of conventional marketing concepts in a virtual environment by using online strategies with social media platforms including blogs as well as mobile apps among others.

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4) Coding

Best digital skills to learn in Nigeria

Coding has become one of the most in-demand digital skills in Nigeria.

The Nigerian economy is growing by leaps and bounds, and there is an influx of startups looking to fill their technical staffing needs with qualified candidates.

Coding is a highly valuable skill in a digital society. With businesses becoming more and more digital, jobs that involve coding are on the rise, especially in Nigeria.

It’s also a great skill to have as it is really fun to learn and allows you to create some really cool projects with just a few lines of code.

This is a foundational skill that allows you to work on developing mobile apps, web apps, software development, and many other online technologies.

Even if you don’t plan on working with code or creating your own website or app, learning how to use basic HTML and CSS can make life easier for everyone.

Knowing how to use these languages can help save time when browsing the web or looking at a site like Wikipedia where there is an option for text-only mode (useful if your internet connection isn’t reliable).

Having these skills can also be useful if you want to build your own site one day but don’t know how; being able to view sources means that you can see what’s happening behind the scenes when viewing websites online.

5) Video Production

Best digital skills to learn in Nigeria

Nigeria has been tagged as a country with high social media penetration rates, a lot of individuals have taken to different types of content creation, including video production.

The increased production and use of videos in Nigeria have made it necessary for marketers to get up to speed on how to use them effectively.

Among these skills were animation, photography, and illustration. It is not enough to be good at using your phone’s camera; you need to know how best to capture an image or record a scene.

It is also important that you learn about composition, perspective, and other tricks of photography/ videography that will make your images and videos stand out from those of others.

Should you want to learn more about this?

Here is an Ultimate Guide on How To Start a Profitable Videography Business In Nigeria

Illustration is another skill that can take your content from being just okay to eye-catching, which is especially important if you are creating infographics or any other visual material.

6) Online Advertising

Best digital skills to learn in Nigeria

Online Advertising is one of those skills in Nigeria that I really feel would make any young Nigerian standout and become a sought-after talent.

It involves producing content that will resonate with your target market and selling them on a product.

This skill set is necessary for almost every business in Nigeria, as businesses across all industries rely on digital to capture their customer base, which is only growing as internet connectivity expands in Nigeria.

Although it might sound complicated, it’s a very simple skill to learn and apply (if you’re committed).

The best part is that it doesn’t require you to have too much money to invest as most companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter offer online advertising services for their users ( no matter their budget)

In fact, online advertising can be learned by reading through digital marketing books on online advertising or taking free online courses on Udemy or YouTube.

It won’t take more than 1–2 hours per day for a person who has little or no background in internet usage. So get started with online advertising as one of the best digital skills to learn in Nigeria

7) Software Development

Software Development is one of those career options that have always been high in demand.

The fact that a software developer can work from anywhere in Nigeria makes it even more attractive for professionals who are looking to be their own boss and make money online.

There are lots of free software development training resources online, but these should be coupled with books and other offline training materials to ensure professional quality results.

It’s also important to take on as many projects as possible so you build your portfolio and increase your credibility at every opportunity.

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Of course, if you can find an experienced mentor or teacher (who is willing to give some free advice) there is nothing like real-life practical experience when it comes to learning what it takes to succeed in Software Development as a digital skill.

This is one of the top best digital skills to learn in Nigeria and anywhere in the world

8) Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is one of those skills that have found their way into every sphere of life in Nigeria and one of the best digital skills to learn in Nigeria in 2022

Graphic Designing is a creative activity that focuses on visual communication and problem-solving through images.

People who are skilled in graphic design use many digital technologies to create graphics and layouts to solve problems in business, education, media, and entertainment.

Graphic design might be an art but it is also widely acknowledged as a profession.

And with Nigeria’s growing economy and increased demand for more professional services; more jobs are expected to open up in Nigeria, especially graphic designers

Do you want to know why?

See this!

Who needs design? Just about everyone, whether you’re designing a new logo for your startup or creating an illustration for your friend’s website.

You see, in today’s world, a digital skill to be used for personal branding or getting business leads and clients in Nigeria is a must.

There are endless opportunities to become a graphic designer if you have an eye for composition and detail and have some creativity in you.

9) Mobile App Development

Mobile app development has quickly become one of Nigeria’s top digital skills.

And why is that?

This is because mobile apps are booming in Nigeria, and with them comes a growing need for developers.

In fact, it’s widely considered to be one of today’s most in-demand tech jobs globally, as well as a great career option for people interested in building successful businesses.

There are several resources available to help people learn mobile app development, whether they want to develop native or hybrid apps.

So you can learn how to create mobile apps for iOS or Android or both (hybrid) by following along with app development courses or Udemy and other great online resources

You’ll be creating mobile games and apps that you can use as a portfolio piece or even sell on one of Nigeria’s many app stores.

Some skills you can learn include Swift programming, Java programming, HTML5, CSS3, and more.

10) Copywriting

Copywriting involves a lot of different skills and it’s one of the most important and best digital skills to learn in Nigeria.

Copywriters communicate with their audience, usually by telling a story or by persuading them to take an action.

A copywriter can do anything from crafting TV commercials to creating web copy that sells products online.

So if you want to become a copywriter, you’ll need to learn how to write persuasive content, as well as writing for voice and tone, and understand how colors, images, and graphics can enhance what you write.

Basic marketing concepts will also come in handy. When deciding on which digital skills to focus on, always think about which area interests you most and where you see yourself making money in 5 years.

In other words, consider what type of work excites you.

Here is the Ultimate Guide on the basics of Copywriting for Beginners


If you’re looking to add more skills to your repertoire, learning one of these top 10 digital skills will help boost your professional presence, even if you’re a traditionalist in another industry.

Digital skills are in high demand and since Nigerian online consumers continue with time to grow in number, it makes sense to put in some time now and learn how to use a few different technologies.

With thousands of apps and services available today, knowing about more of them can only be beneficial for your business or career.

Digital skills are essential to anyone interested in growing their career and becoming better at what they do. That’s why we compiled the best digital skills to learn in Nigeria in 2022 and top tips for developing them yourself

I hope you enjoyed your reading. If you have any questions about what digital skills are best for your situation, just ask us in the comment box below

Happy learning!


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